In the first event of its kind, we're running for CHICKENS!
For every runner who signs up for this Virtual, At-Your-Own-Pace 5K, ONE DOZEN chickens are donated to a family in a developing country to provide an ongoing source of food security and supplemental income for years and years to come. One little 5K run can make a HUGE impact on a family. Not only can a dozen chickens keep a family in eggs up to their ears, but they can provide enough that the family can trade their extra eggs for money, school supplies, medicine, clothing or other needs.

Your donation goes directly to the organization at the time of registration so your impact is not only awesome, but immediate! Just follow the instructions on the page to register.
We can't wait to have you join us on this mission.
Run for REAL change!
One race & one family at a time.

10K for 10 Trees

In this run for every runner that signs up, we're planting 10 sapling fruit trees. On top of being simply amazing for the environment, these fruit trees can provide food to families for years and years to come, better the soil quality, provide MUCH needed shade and more.

Run or walk at your own pace. Your donation is given directly to the organization at the time of registration, not when you finish. So your impact is immediate.

Registration will open when the ChickenRun ends. But signing up for any of our races or using the email sign up form below will ensure that you get updates when new races are launched for AMAZING new causes. We're running for REAL change (but awesome medals don't hurt) we hope that you'll join us!

Who We Are. What We Do

Chew the plant has closed eyes but still sees you, and leave dead animals as gifts, but hunt by meowing loudly at 5am next to human slave food dispenser present belly, scratch hand when stroked, ask to be pet then attack owners hand.

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